December 2017


Get Better With Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy

Hormone Replacement Therapy, An individual gets sick so they go to a physician only to be quickly diagnosed and provided a random medicine which has been subscribed randomly to thousands earlier. This generic approach to meeting medical wants has left several people wanting greater attention as well as improved remedies specifically designed for them. While many medical facilities will not provide you with this need for custom-made solutions, one option could be found with the solutions of bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. Hormones give many different roles within the human body so it is important that each person maintains a balance which is specific to them. Through the use of hormones people profit from growth, mental stability, improved health, and a way of balance in their life. While your hormones are out of balance a person’s growth may be stunted, mental stability is shattered, health begins to reduce and you have…

Yoga For The 50+

What is Yoga? Yoga is a form of a spiritual, mental and physical discipline originating in ancient India and has deep roots in Hindu philosophy. The Sanskrit word Yoga means “yoke” from the root word yuj meaning ‘to join’. Yoga’s a breath of fresh air. I have found that as I have gotten older, I seem to have forgotten how to breathe. My depth of breath has slowly become shallower and shallower and I tend to breathe mostly through my mouth. I also seem to have misplaced my diaphragm because I rarely use it any more. This habit reduces our body’s oxygen flow causing us to become sluggish and fatigued, and can even lead to mental depression. Yoga teaches proper breathing (pranayama) that supplies the whole body and mind with the life giving oxygen it needs to function properly. As we become more aware of our breathing we become more…