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The Lean Cuisine Diet Plan Program

Lean Cuisine is much more than just frozen microwave dinners. Lean Cuisine offers a diet and support Diet Plan program through.

Diet Plan Program

Lean Cuisine Entrees

Lean Cuisine Brand currently markets the following five meal collections and over one hundred different entrees.

  • The Morning Collection
  • The Culinary Collection
  • The Spa Collection
  • The Market Collection
  • The Simple Favorites Collection

Diet Plan Program, English muffin sandwiches and scrambled egg dishes make up the Morning Collection. The Culinary Collection features chef-inspired dishes with unique recipe variations for chicken, turkey, beef, vegetables, and pizzas. The Spa Collection includes whole grain options, with light sauces,

vegetables, poultry, and noodles or rice. Classic hearty flavorful recipes for chicken, turkey, steak, and shrimp are found in the Market Collection. In addition to these collections, Lean Cusine’s line of Simple Favorites Collection contains over sixty varieties of everyday microwavable meals.

The Lean Cuisine Diet Plan

Diet Plan Program

Members of the Lean Cuisine website can create a custom Lean Cuisine diet plan Program based on their caloric needs. There are also basic sample plans for diets at the following calorie levels.

  • 1200 Calories
  • 1500 Calories
  • 1800 Calories
  • 2000 Calories

The sample diets were written for people pursuing weight loss goals. They are designed by a dietitian, a medical doctor, as a healthy, well-balanced, nutrient rich diet. The sample plans contain a month of meal plans incorporating one or two Lean Cuisine entrees daily. It is important to consult a doctor to determine your daily caloric needs before selecting a plan.

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Lean Cuisine Member Features

Additional benefits are given to members of the Lean Cuisine website. Members are motivated by joining the program to receive meal plan custom designed to meet caloric needs. It can later be adjusted to meet the changing caloric needs of dieters.

Members are also given the opportunity to earn points, which may later be redeemed through the rewards catalog. Additional support forums and comments allow dieters to interact with each other and share success and challenges. The support, community, tips, and advice all help to increase a dieter’s chances for successful weight loss.

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Lean Cuisine Tips and Articles

For extra help, it is a good idea for dieters to visit the tips and articles section. There is a vast array of information available on health and wellness. Information is given including activity as part of a healthy lifestyle. Nutrition articles and recipes assist dieters with healthy food choices.

Lean Cuisine Reward Points

Lean Cuisine website members can earn points through the Lean Cuisine Rewards program. Accumulated points can used for rewards in the following categories.

  • Lean Lifestyle
  • Fitness
  • Travel
  • Home
  • Gift Cards
  • Electronics

Lean Cuisine Success Stories

Many people share stories of successful weight loss by eating Lean Cuisine meals as part of a healthy diet and exercise plan. Those who have lost weight are happy with the meals because of the low number of calories. The meals are quick and easy to prepare, as noted by a those who have tried the meal plans.

Dietary Precautions

The high sodium content of the meals is noted by some who have purchased the meals. High sodium may be of concern to those who have health conditions. It is always best to speak with a doctor to assess the appropriate amount of sodium intake for your own dietary needs.


The Lean Cuisine diet is a good choice for dieters who are looking to live a healthy lifestyle. There is a wide variety of tasty meal choices. The meals combined with a healthy diet and exercise plan can assist those who are looking to lose extra weight. The low calorie portions allow dieters to maintain lower calorie intakes. The Lean Cuisine diet and meals are highly recommended. If you are ready to live a nutritious and healthy lifestyle, give the Lean Cuisine diet a try today!