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Strengthen Your Lower Abs Exercises Using These 8 Great Floor

Lower Abs ExercisesIf you are looking for the most effective workout regime to assist in burning fat around your abdominals, then I would suggest you go for the traditional biking and crunches. These two exercises are regarded as the best when it comes to shaping both your upper and lower abdominals. However, when it comes to the lower abs Exercises, the process becomes more complicated considering that these two do not engage the lower.

According to Kira Stokes, a Fitness Expert who is also a registered personal trainer, the main point is to ensure that the legs and brain are working together.

For the lower abs Exercises, you will be required to keep your mind focused. Thus engaging you brain so that it concentrates on your muscles is very important. This will ensure that your lower abs Exercises are worked out and also let you feel every step you make.

Here are 8 floor works for your lower abs

Lower Abs Exercises

Plank row

Placing a glider underneath each foot, assume the plank position. Towels or paper plates can also be used in place of gliders, asserts Stokes. While in that position, make sure you are holding the plank while pressing downwards on the paper plates or gliders. While maintaining your initial plank posture, slide the legs stride behind. The more your back slides back, the more your hands will extend. Next, move the body into its original position while maintaining your straight plank position at all times. Pull and push as far and as much as you can to gain more range. Take 30 seconds to complete between 10 and15 forwards and backs.


With your feet wide apart (hip-width), enter the overstretched arm plank supported by your hands below your shoulders. Slowly try to pull your knees to keep them approximately 4 inches afore your hips while exerting pressure on the towels or gliders. Next, pull your body to the initial plank posture while maintaining the grip throughout the exercise, pulling in the navel. These should last between 30 and 40 seconds or between 10 and 15 repetitions. Doing it slowly brings about better results, confirms Stokes

One-legged mountain creeper

Pulling your knee close to your chest, get into a plank position. Make sure the remaining right knee is stable to allow you have a steady side contraction. Step 2, keep sliding you knee in and back without lowering your hips. Repeat 10 to 15 times before changing the side.

Army crawl

Lower Abs ExercisesIn the same plank position, press your butt using the paper plates beneath each foot. With your forearms, make five forward crawls until the gliders touch the edges of the mart before crawling back. Repeat 3 to 5 times (one forward crawl and one backward crawl are equivalent to one complete round)


This is regarded as the best workout that focuses on the lower abs but which most ab exercises tend to overlook, basically, the c- curve workout works like a therapy for the glide workout. In this case, if you have to achieve the most out of the c-curve exercise, then combining it with the glide workout can be a wise idea.

While seated on your tailbone on the floor, and as if to assume a sit-up posture, take a rolled t-shirt or ball and press it between the thighs tightly. The main objective of this exercise is to focus most on the inner muscle of your thighs which are responsible for the lower ab workout.

Hip tips

While lying with your back flat on the ground, raise your legs so that they form a right angled triangle with the rest of the body. Take and put a ball between your inner thighs, keeping your hands down on the sides. Raise your hips up when you exert pressure on the ball. Since it is a delicate procedure, it is important that you take more caution in order to avoid hurting your hips. Making between 15 and 20 repetitions will do the trick


Retire into an x position on the floor, just like you would be laid when you are dead. Get hold of some weight in both hands, keep lifting and bringing your left hand close to your right hand shin, pull your chest from the ground while making sure that your belly press on your spine. Role until the body balances on that tail bone. Using your elbow as a glider, bring down your back while changing the sides. Maintaining its straight position of your leg, turn out your foot. This helps to work out the inner part of the thigh. Repeat between 24 and 30 times

Six pack scissor

Lower Abs ExercisesWith your back on the ground, pull your knee close to your torso while keeping your other leg straight but 2 inches from the ground. Raise one leg so that it is inclined towards the ceiling. Raise the upper part of your body high and remove your hands behind the knees and place them at the back of your hands. Pull up your left leg and using your hands, tap behind your right heel. Lower the leg so that it is half an inch off the ground. On each side, repeat 12 to 15 times before alternating.