Organic Skin Care – To A More Beautiful You

It is probably everyone’s dream to have smooth, flawless skin and, true enough, a lot of us had been in continuous search of the perfect skin care product. But the real trick to achieving a youthful glow is Organic skin care. Non-chemical-based beauty products have been revived in the past couple of years, and have been steadily gaining more popularity since. Unlike chemical products, organic skin care is not only safer but also cheaper. They are safe to use, gentle on the skin, and provides ample and natural nourishment. So how do you take advantage of organic skin care? Here are some tips that you can follow: Look for organic products. Instead of rushing to the counter with the first on sale cosmetic you can lay your hands on, take the time to read the labels first before buying a product. Make sure that the ingredients are mostly organic and that…

What Is Stem Cell medicine and research

Stem cells are primitive cell a young and unskilled with a remarkable potential for innovation, differentiate and develop into any desired tissue or organ in the body.The benefits of stem cells * Stem cells are non-toxic and free of side effects than the toxic drug counterparts. * The use of stem cells for therapeutic purposes to ensure a lower cost, and promote more life. It is because of this nature that have the potential to successfully treat a series of deadly disease. There are several types of stem cells in the tissues many important of which is an element stem cells, bone marrow stem cells, stem cells derived from umbilical cord and umbilical cord blood, skin, teeth, intestine, limb, etc. Autologous transplantation of stem cells that the bank umbilical cord blood banking industry, namely umbilical cord stem cells cord, processed and cryo-stored for future use has gained immense priority in…