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The Truth Behind Exercise and Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Americans in general have an obsession with weight and have been told that exercise holds the key to losing what we don’t want. Forget about nutrition and eating well. All you have to do is show up at the gym every day and put in your 30 minutes, right? Wrong. Exercise will help you lose weight faster, but it is not a necessity

Don’t get me wrong, I love to exercise. I don’t let a day go by without spending 40 minutes walking or riding my bicycle. It helps me maintain my weight and keeps me looking toned. Exercise definitely certainly has its place in contributing to the overall wellness of a person’s health. It makes a person feel good about themselves and gives them the strength to do things they couldn’t do in a sedentary lifestyle.

But…not everyone can exercise. Most people choose not to by making excuses, but there are some people out there who can’t breath properly due to asthma and other problems. They are perfectly capable of losing weight without exercising. I know this for a fact because I did it. I lost 70 pounds in 4 months and have kept it off for over 15 years, and I never stepped foot on a treadmill.

Because I had severe asthma, I had to find an alternative to losing weight. It was only through proper nutrition that I was able to lose weight without exercising. Once I became healthy, I was able to exercise for the first time in my life. Your body can do amazing things when you provide it with the proper nutrition.

A major problem with people using exercise to lose weight is that they don’t fully understand the science of the human body. They go by instinct, and wind up not losing weight at all. When a gym person starts to lose weight, they begin to feel better and logically deduce that more exercise will make it happen sooner. This just creates more starvation unless they increase their calories. They usually refuse to do that and the vicious cycle begins.

Another aspect of exercising that most people aren’t aware of is that your body uses different fuels depending on what exercise you choose to do. Long slow exercise burns fat tissue, while short fast burst of energy burns carbohydrates. If you don’t replace your fuel after you exercise, your body begins to use the protein from your muscles. So with exercise, cutting back on your food is not a good idea.

Most people tend to over-exercise which isn’t good either. Moderate exercise relieves stress, but over-exercising adds stress, raises cortisol and increases insulin levels. Moderate exercise also strengthens the immune defences, but with over-exercise you will decrease your immune defences and be more prone to colds, sore throats and nagging injuries. It’s all about moderation.

It is a myth that you can eat whatever you want if you exercise. Sure, you can probably get away with not having to count calories or even indulge several times a week, but it won’t help you lose weight. There is no free pass with weight loss. If you eat badly, you have to burn it off. Common sense should tell you that the more calories you eat, the more effort it will take to get rid of them.

The best combination is to eat healthy portions of foods that provide proper nutrition while you maintain a daily exercise program. I lost weight when I replaced two high-calorie meals a day with 200-calorie soy-protein based nutritional supplement shakes, along with taking vitamins and targeted products for my asthma.

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If you want to exercise and lose weight, your money will be best spent on a weight loss program that provides proper nutrition than on a gym membership. Exercise can be done in your home or outside for free, but you cannot get the right nutrition from a grocery store. Certain companies have devoted their time to formulating products for you to get results for that very reason, and most of them come with a money back guarantee.

Encourage your open mind to the aids available to the physiology of your body. Give it a chance to straighten out with nutrition while you exercise and miracles are sure to happen. Wellness is being able to get up in the morning and do whatever you want. You were born into this world healthy. You weren’t born fat and lethargic.